Monday, April 25, 2011

Maternal Benefits of Breastfeeding

Did you know that women who breastfeed their children for more than six months reap a variety of long-term benefits?   First of all, exclusive breastfeeding reduces the incidence of some forms of breast and ovarian cancers.  It is also known to improve bone density over time by decreasing then increasing with each successive breastfeeding cycle.  The hormones relaxin and oxytocin, known as the “mothering hormones”, are released during feedings.  These “mothering hormones” allow us an easier adaptation to the challenges of early post-partum infant care, thus reducing the chances of severe post-partum blues.  Finally, on a lighter note, the act of producing breast milk alone burns more than 500 calories per day!  You can’t beat that as a great method of losing our baby weight!


  1. I am coming up on five months of breastfeeding and I am happy that I was successful as I know many of my friends were unable to be as successful as me. Also, I was thinking that if you get a chance to write a post about SNS. Although my husband and I took your breastfeeding class things didn't work out early on and one of the lactation consultants started me with a modified SNS and at 12 weeks we were able to finally wean our baby off of formula completely! I couldn't have done it with the help of the LC!

  2. Nice article.I am really agree about benefit breastfeeding. I always appreciate people who can give exclusive breastfeeding for her babies or commit to support breastfeeding.There's a story about Salma Hayek who breastfeeds a hungry african child from mother who was unable to provide milk for her malnourished one-week-old son. This story really inspire me. She’s different with another actrees. Salma hayek deep concern about important and benefit breastfeeding, so without hesitation, she breastfeeds a stranger baby to help him. It will be breastfeeding motivation story for all

  3. You are absolutely right, these are extreme benefits of breast feeding, every woman should know about this, thanks for sharing.